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luxury vinyl floor fitters

View our collections of luxury vinyl floor tiles in a range of colours and styles

Sometimes you just want that added bit of elegance when it comes to your new flooring, After all, it’s something that can transform an entire room. Check out Premier Carpet’s range of luxury vinyl floor tiles.

Our high quality, luxury vinyl tile flooring offers exactly that. Days gone by where vinyl floor tiles were old fashioned, cold and plastic looking. Luxury vinyl tiles now look fresh, sophisticated and offer a huge range of amazing finishes, realistic textures and high quality construction methods that will last for years.


from £18.99


from £18.99


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from £22.99

"Can’t recommend these guys enough!! So friendly and helpful. Put up with all my questions and have now fitted some carpet and vinyl which I couldn’t be happier with!"
"Fantastic service and done a amazing job changing my kitchen Flooring. Very friendly and helpful. Thank you once again and for doing this quickly."
Ali Barton
"Excellent service and very pleased with the results. Good quality and very good value. It all looks amazing now, thank you Premier Carpets South West."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Vinyl flooring is highly durable. If installed and maintained correctly, it can last upwards of 10-20 years. That said, vinyl is a great choice for the rooms in your house that get the most foot traffic. Additionally, most vinyl flooring has a wear layer on its surface that resists scratches and stains
Can you put a refrigerator on vinyl tile flooring?
LVT (luxury vinyl tiles) floors will not warp, crack or otherwise damage by the weight of home appliances, and being a plastic, they’re waterproof and impermeable, so moisture will not affect them.

You don’t want a mop to spread dirt, dust or hair all over the room. Although vinyl is durable, it can still fall victim to stains. Any pH-neutral floor cleaner is safe to use on vinyl flooring. Avoid using ammonia-based cleaning solutions, highly abrasive scrubbers or detergents when removing stains from vinyl.

You should also keep in mind that vinyl plank and tile flooring might not increase the value of your home as much as laminate flooring. However, vinyl flooring can still make all the difference in how long your floors will last, which could be vital as we head into a more competitive real estate market.
Vinyl is highly scratch resistant. Even for dogs that tend to grow long nails, vinyl can resist the damage. Another major benefit of vinyl flooring for pet owners is its stain resistance. If you are worried about your pet urinating on the floor, get vinyl flooring
Visit our web gallery to view the many wood-look options available, and to learn more about what makes LVT so popular, such as its incredible durability, water-resistance, easy care, and much more. LVT will never look “cheap” — it will make your life easier and enhance the look and comfort of your home.